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Fee Waivers

Please click to download a Microsoft Document:


English Fee Waiver Packet


Spanish Fee Waiver Packet


Chinese Fee Waiver Packet

Contact Information

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Greg West, AP Coordinator.

Room 116 (6th and 7th Period)


415.750.8400 ext. 13116


AP Student and Parent Bulletin

Exam Day Policies


Courses Offered

General Information

  • Honors starts in Grade 10

  • Open enrollment with counselor/teacher input

  • Maximum Honors and/or AP classes capped at 3 per year per student



Computer Science

  • AP Computer Science Principles

  • AP Computer Science A


  • English 2 Honors (10th grade)

  • AP English Language & Comp. (11th grade)

  • AP English Literature & Comp. (12th grade)


  • Algebra 2 Honors

  • Pre-calculus Honors

  • AP Calculus AB (11th or 12th grade)

  • AP Calculus BC (12th grade)

  • AP Statistics (11th or 12th grade)


  • Chemistry Honors (10th grade)

  • AP Chemistry (11th or 12th grade)

  • AP Biology (11th or 12th grade)

  • Environmental Science (11th or 12th grade)

Social Studies

  • Modern World H option (10th grade)

  • AP US History (11th grade)

  • American Democracy Honors (12th grade)

  • AP Economics (12th grade)

  • AP Psychology (12th grade)

World Languages

  • Chinese 3 Honors

  • French 3 Honors

  • Japanese 3 Honors

  • Spanish 3 Honors

  • AP Chinese Language

  • AP Japanese Language

  • AP Spanish Language